Dec 19th 2014

Server Status

We believe the elements of the shopping cart that were broken due to a server upgrade have been repaired. Please let us know if you come across something on the site that seems to be a bit wonky.

Jan 7th 2014


We came to the realization today that the manual posted for our OEM MP3 Player was a bit out of date. The manual has been updated to include the "MP3 player" functionality we added back in 2012. This mode allows you to use the various inputs on the MP3 player for functions such as Play, Pause, Next, Previous, etc. We had updated the WavRunner manual but missed the MP3 player. Now that oversight is corrected.

MP3 Manual ver 3.1

May 31st 2013

E3 Release

The new E3 is now available in the store. Released in march at the 2013 haunt show, it is now in full production and ready to ship. HauntBots E3 Prop Controller

See the E3

May 25th 2013

Google+ Hangouts

We've been experimenting with the idea of using the Google+ Hangout capability to host some online get-togethers. The frequency of these video chats will be dependent on the interest. Just a chance to get together with like minded folks, show & tell, share projects, discuss problems, and see a bit of the behind the scenes stuff at HauntBots.

If you are interested in something like this, head on over to Google+ and add HauntBots to your circle of friends, then sit back and wait for the announcement of our first Hangout.

HauntBots Google+ Page

March 19th 2013

Support Forum

Due to a rampant increase in the attempts to spam our support forum, new user registration has been temporarily taken offline. We hand approve each new member, so although no spam actually made it through, this process takes time away that we could be using for more important matters- such as fulfilling orders and dreaming up new products. It is possible to read all previous posts without registration. We apologize for this inconvenience and are taking steps to automate the process without subjecting our users to these spammers annoying advertisements.

December 29th 2011

Industry News

HauntBots received a really nice mention in the December issue of amusement today for our work on the Knoebels Black Diamond Ride. You'll have to get your hands on a copy of the print edition to read it as our part on page 10 isn't available in the online edition.

Amusement Today December 2011

July 30th 2010

Product Availability

The component shortages affecting the OEM MP3 player and the APC24 have been resolved and both of these units are now available for order. We are a bit behind on APC24 production and are filling existing orders. New orders for the APC24 are now being accepted and will be added to the production queue in the order received. If you have a time sensitive application please contact us before ordering so we can give you a delivery estimate.

June 22nd 2010

APC24 Availability

An alternate source for the previously mentioned components has been found. As soon as we test that they are compatible, production on the APC24 will commence and all outstanding orders will be filled. For those technically interested, this component replaces the 4 channel opto-isolator used as the trigger input on the APC24. It is also used on the redesigned MP3 player. The MP3 player requires two of these 4 channel chips plus 1 single channel chip to totally enable all 9 trigger inputs. At this point the single channel chips are still on back order and we haven't found an alternate source.

June 16th 2010

New Website

Welcome to the new website. It has been a long time coming and I'm glad it is finally online. This should go a long way towards simplifying the ordering process. Additionally, the forum is now operational so please register and lets get some conversations rolling. All product manuals are now easily accessible to anyone who registers for the forum. Gone are the days of having to contact us for a username and password to download them.

One technical note, if you register with the shopping cart you will automatically be registered for the forums but if you register for the forum first you will have to register separately to use the shopping cart.

If you should spot any problems please contact us and let us know. There are a lot of pages here so it would have been easy to overlook something.

June 14th 2010

Product Availability and Delivery

Our distributors are telling us that in response to the economic slow-down, semiconductor manufacturers shutdown production facilities and laid-off personnel. Now that some orders are flowing these manufacturers are having trouble getting back up to speed.

To deal with this situation, we are forced to carry a larger in house inventory of components. Unfortunately we discovered that a component added to the latest revision of our standalone MP3 player and the new APC24 was not available when it came time to place the order.

Initially the backordered components were supposed to be delivered in May, and then the date was pushed to the beginning of June, now Toshiba is saying July.

Current orders for the APC24 and standalone MP3 players will be filled when components become available. Alternately, if you have an order that has been affected by this situation, we will work with you. If you would like to change your order we will offer you 10% off the revised order (In addition to any discounts / show specials your existing order may already have). Again, this component only affects these two products.

July 30th 2009

Software Update

A new software update for the APC series of prop and show controllers adds additonal features. This free upgrade extends the functionality with the addition of a new Multi Show mode. With this firmware installed, the two trigger inputs on the APC can be configured through the programming console to function as "Play Next" and "Play Previous". This is perfect for applications that require more than Dual Show mode offers.
The programming console has been extended to enable creation of up to 24 shows.
HauntBots Multi Show Prop Control
Registered users should contact us for information on this free download to firmware version C8.

May 28th 2009

Midwest Haunters Convention

We are now one week away from the Midwest Haunters Convention and HauntBots is happy to once again sponsor the seminar series. It looks like a great lineup of classes.

twitter Throughout the convention we will be experimenting with our twitter account. Throughout the weekend we will be announcing special "twitter only" sale pricing. If you follow us you'll be able to take advantage of these specials even if you are not attending the convention. These will all be short time offers so be sure to turn on device updates so you don't miss out!

We have also turned on our RSS feed so you can have our news delivered to you.

May 24th 2009

Software Update

A software update is available for the APC16 and APC8 animatronic controllers. This update primarily contains feature enhancements for the DMX Daemon. Registered users should contact us for information on this free download to firmware version C7.

March 24th 2009

New Item introduced at the Hauntshow

Just in time for Transworlds 14th National Haunt & Attraction Show, we are pleased to present the new 4Play controller. We invite you to stop by booth 701 in St. Louis and give it a test drive!

HauntBots 4Play Controller
  • Programmed locally with the on board buttons.
  • Multi-colored LEDs indicate play / record status for each channel.
  • 32k memory
  • 25 frames per second (just under 22 minutes total record time.)
  • 4 relay outputs rated for 5amps switching current. NO and NC contacts available.
  • Wire terminals accept wire as large as 14 gauge.
  • Trigger input can be configured for PNP inputs or NPN and normally open or normally closed.
  • Dedicated output to trigger external sound source.
  • Same rugged case as our other pro series controllers with no exposed circuit board.
  • 3.75" square footprint.
  • 12 volt power adapter included. (Other voltages available)

Sept 2nd 2008

Software Update

A software update is available for the APC16 and APC8 animatronic controllers. This update adds support for the DMX Daemon and the APC8 as well as enhancing some existing programming console features. It also fixes a problem reported on Vista. Registered users should contact us for information on this free download.

June 6th 2008

Midwest Haunters Convention 2008

We are excited and proud to sponsor the weekend seminar series at the Midwest Haunter’s Convention being held in Columbus, Ohio, June 13th thru 15th. If you haven’t already made plans to attend, you still have time to register and experience all of the excitement this year’s convention has to offer.

We also invite everyone to stop by the booth on the vendor floor, and be among the first haunters to see the new HauntBots’ pro series of audio and animatronic show controllers. This line of products is designed to withstand the abuse of the professional haunt, while still being priced to appeal to everyone’s budget. The new APC8+, the Wav Runner and the DMX Daemon are housed in rugged metal cases and feature easy mounting, hook up, and programming. The pro series provides a modular approach that enables you to purchase just the items required to meet your animation, lighting and sound needs.

Additionally, we have teamed up with Cliff Martin from ScaryGuys and the Hacker House to present the seminar “Fun With Animations”. Grab a seat at the seminar on Saturday afternoon to get a more in depth look at creating and controlling your own animations.

Aug 12th 2007

MP3 Player and Software Update

We are finally getting around to adding the MP3 player to the website after demoing it last month at MHC. The problem was that every time we replenished our stock, somebody came along and took them off our hands.

The player comes in 2 flavors, standalone or stacked. The stacked configuration works in conjunction with our APC16+ just plug it in and you are ready to go. The standalone version has an on board 5 volt regulator and discrete inputs for wiring to your own device as well as ttl level serial and two wire serial.

HauntBots MP3 players side by side comparison

We have also released the latest version of the Programming Console software. Registered users who haven't received an email announcing this free upgrade should contact us.

July 18th 2007

MidWest Haunters Convention
Follow up

Wanted to take a moment and thank all of you who stopped by to see us at the show. Because of your support, we completely sold out of the new MP3 players. We will have more in a few weeks. The new programming console is also complete and as soon as the manual is finished we'll be sending out the download link. Thanks again for your support!

July 5th 2007

MidWest Haunters Convention

HauntBots will be at the MidWest Haunters Convention July 14th and 15th. We'll be unveiling our newly updated programming console software as well as a new MP3 player. Come see the APC16+ in action.

November 20th 2006

Software Update Available

A new software update is available for the APC16 and APC16+ animatronic controller. All registered users should have received an email announcing this upgrade. If you haven't received anything please make sure that your spam settings aren't blocking email from HauntBots.

August 13th 2006

APC16-Plus Back in Stock

We now have APC16-plus animatronic controllers back in stock for immediate shipment.

June 13th 2006

Mp3 Add-on to be debuted at Ironstock

The APC16-plus was designed with expansion in mind. The first available accessory will be on display at Ironstock June 23rd - 25th Tell City, Indiana. The new MP3 module stacks on top of the APC16-plus expansion connector to make a compact plug and play sound solution. No Hacking is involved! Heck, There's no wiring or configuration needed, just plug it in and the APC16-plus will auto detect it.

May 24th 2006

APC16-Plus Released

The APC16 was originally designed to be a stand alone control for multi-motion animatronic props. Our users quickly discovered, however, that this powerful yet affordable control could be dedicated to even simple animated props. They harnessed the unused capacity of the APC16 to enhance the rest of the scene.

With the release of our updated controller, the APC16-PLUS, we offer more flexibility. In the process we simplified the programming software even further.

Some of the new enhancements include:

  • Multi-Show Capability.
  • More Configuration Options.
  • Pause, Seek & Rewind capabilities during Real Time Programming.
  • Enhanced Graphical Editor.