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For 2014 we started with our popular E3 controller, expanded the push button interface to work with 8 outputs, added a second amplifier, more memory, an SD card slot, and a full color LCD display. The result is a super easy to program, yet incredibly powerful prop controller.

What type of application is the Vision8r designed for?

The Vision8r allows you to control props or scenes requiring up to 8 digital outputs where amplified sound is required.

Inputs & Outputs

There are 2 fully programmable trigger inputs and 8 solid state outputs. Each input can be configured to start the next or previous show, stop a running show or start a specific show. The trigger inputs will work with a variety of switches, sensors or contact closures.

The digital outputs utilize the same driver chip found in our APC series controllers. This chip can supply up to half an amp of current to the output bank. This is enough to run items such as relays, solenoid valves, or LEDs directly.


The V8 is programmed using 7 built in buttons. A full color LCD display guides you through the process. Pressing the buttons allows you to create your show in real-time and see it live while it happens.

Through the built in menus, you can choose to create up to 9 different shows -each of these shows can have a unique sound track. You can enable a 10th ambient show that will loop continuously between triggers. The ambient show can have a sound track too. You can also choose a normally open, or normally closed trigger input. Additional features like pre and post show delays are available through the menu.




The V8 can hold nearly 10 minutes of high quality MP3 sounds files. Although capable of playing WAV files, we recommend using MP3s to maximize storage capacity. This sound is then played through the internal 80 Watt stereo amplifier (40 Watts per channel). There is also a stereo line out jack if you want to add an external amp. An assortment of sound effects are preloaded on the V8 when it ships, so you can hook up a power supply and literally use it right of the box. A standard USB jack is provided on the front of the controller to download your own sound files.

Alternately, we can ship you the V8 preloaded with your sound files. Select the "Preloaded With Your Audio" option at checkout. We will contact you via email regarding the sound files


HauntBots builds the most rugged controllers available. Our extruded aluminum enclosure is literally strong enough to drive a car over. And, the entire circuit board is protected inside that enclosure. The only things that stick out of the enclosure are buttons and connectors. The V8 uses the same plug in style connectors as our other HauntBots products. In the unlikely event of a failure, just pull the plugs and drop in a replacement.

As a special offer to prop builders, we can replace the HauntBots logo on the bootup screen with your company's logo. Contact us for this.


The USB port that is used for downloading your own sound files can also be used to read/write show files between a V8 and a computer or to update the firmware. For prop manufacturers, this means creating the show once and then just downloading it to subsequent props. Alternately, the SD card socket can be used to copy shows and audio data to a V8.

  • Shipping Weight: 1lbs

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