Any tips on how to pick the right Eye FX set up for my projc

Any tips on how to pick the right Eye FX set up for my projc

Postby PD4Ever » Sun Aug 03, 2014 11:41 pm

I am wanting the LED Eye FX Gizmo to mount in a head that I made for a project. I am an extreme NOVICE with this type of thing. What all would I need to mount this eyes and simply have the eyes fixed in a solid position (for now) and have the leds light? I'm assuming I would need some sort of battery pack for this too. My head is made from paper mache which will get filled with some foam to add some structure to it, and allow for easy mounting of a rod to affix into a torso.
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Re: Any tips on how to pick the right Eye FX set up for my p

Postby Pete Rondeau » Tue Aug 05, 2014 8:51 pm

This can be done many different ways. The eyes themselves are approx 1" spheres. They have a small hole drilled in the back that the LED fits into. Typically the LED should be glued into the eyeball. This can be done with hot glue, silicone, epoxy, etc depending on how permanent you want it. The wire with the LED on the end is run through the head or skull and inserted into the back of the eye, then the eye is put into the head from the front- this is easy to imagine with something like a skull where you are just placing the eyeball into the skull's eye socket. With a head, it might make more sense to insert it from behind. if your head has the appearance of eyelids, you could insert the eyeball from behind with a bit of hot glue or silicone. Another option might be to first fill the head with foam, then dig out a hole for the eyeball, insert the eyeball into the pocket you created, then make paper mache eyelids to complete the face and hold the eyeballs in place. You would also have to create a path though the foam for the wire with LED to run through.

As for the power, the control module has battery clips for a 9volt battery. A battery will last for a few days of continuous run time. You can also use a 9vdc wall pack and attach that to the battery clips if you don't want to mess with replacing batteries.

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