Interface Utility 1.6.10

Interface Utility 1.6.10

Postby Pete Rondeau » Thu Apr 04, 2013 11:58 pm

This is the software utility you need to create audio libraries used by the E3, Vision8r and 4Play+. It also enables you to backup show files created on the controller and save them to your computer. Extract the files from the zip file and run the setup program.

Note: Please be sure any previous version of the Interface Utility is uninstalled before installing new version.
We have noticed that occasionally Windows 7 does not allow the installer to overwrite previous versions. This leads to a condition where you think you have upgraded, but in reality you are still using the previous version.
Enables programming console to program 4Play+ (requires programming console Ver 5.0 or higher)

Revision History:
1.6.9<not publicly released>
    Beginning of Programming console support for 4Play+
Added 4Play+ to utility
V8 Firmware upgrade 1.07:
    Fixed issue where audio was randomly muted during Audio Clip Selection and/or Audio Volume setting
V8 Firmware upgrade 1.06:
    Made change to SD card select code
V8 Firmware upgrade 1.05:
    Resolves an issue where show buffers were not being updated in a timely fashion causing dropouts in show data or the wrong show data to playback
V8 Firmware upgrade 1.04 adds:
    Standby indication to boot screen
    Lockout mode to prevent accidental deletion of shows
1.6.3 <2014-09-15>
    V8 Firmware upgrade 1.03 resolves issue where under certain conditions the show would randomly stop
    Fixed Available memory display when Clear Library button is pressed.
    Fixed missing on screen audio file length when creating a library containing only 1 MP3 file
1.6.2 <2014-09-09>
    Merging in V8 code towards creating a universal utility
1.6.1 <2014-09-08>
    Fixes bug that could cause show upload to fail
    This version adds drag and drop capability to the Audio Library screen
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